Sascha's Seasonings

Seasonings, Rubs & Blends made from quality ingredients
with incredible flavor.

Rocky Mountain Herb Blend

Great on… Chicken, Pork, Fish, Salads And Vegetables

Blackening Seafood Blend

Great On… Shrimp Boils, Fish, Seafoods And Cajun Goodies

Lime Pepper Seasoning

Great On… Saute´ Vegetables, Meats, Fish And Kabob’s

Southwest Seasoning Salt

Great On… Soups, French Fries, Grilled Meats And Vegetables

Mango Chipotle Rub

Great On… Shell Fish, Pork, Chicken And Saute’ Dishs

Steak Dust Rub

Great On… Steaks, Burgers, And All Beef Cuts

Set of 2 Blends

Rocky Mountain Herb Blend (4.0oz):

A nice blend of dehydrated vegetables (onion, garlic, tomato, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, turmeric and lemon juice powder) with No-Salt added to this blend.

Blackening Seafood Blend (5.4oz):

A great blend for all your Cajun goodies. A balance of Paprika’s and other spices to enhance any dish or drink for maximum flavor.

$25.00 Includes Shipping


Set of 2 Seasonings

Lime Pepper Seasoning (4.7oz):

This seasoning will please everyone who loves Lime. A perfect balance of Lime and Pepper with Orange Peel and Lemon Peel added to round out the flavor for all dishes.


Southwest Seasoning Salt (4.9oz):

A great balance of southwest flavor for any application. This seasoning  will give a flavor of Enchiladas or a Mole sauce flavor to your foods. We added Lime juice powder and Orange peel to bring all the flavors together.

$25.00 Includes Shipping


Set of 2 Rubs

Mango Chipotle Rub (7.9oz):

This is a perfect balance of Sweet N Heat for any dish or drink. This rub is Orange in Color with big pieces of Dried Chipotle peppers along with a sweet flavor. This Rub is a one of a kind.


Steak Dust Rub (7.6oz):

One of the finest Steak Rubs on the market and not packed full of salt. This rub has the perfect balance of garlic,onion,molasses, tamarind and other spices for full flavor on any cuts of beef or burgers.

$25.00 Includes Shipping


Assorted Pack Of 12

• Southwest Seasoning Salt (2)
• Lime Pepper Seasoning (2)
• Rocky Mountain Herb Blend (2)
• Blackening Seafood Blend (2)
• Mango Chipotle Rub (2)
• Steak Dust Rub (2)


$95.00 includes shipping